Train Database

A simple Qt-based GUI that allows you to store information on your model trains in a platform-independent SQLite database.  Data is saved as soon as you enter it; no need to remember to save before exiting.



Latest Downloads

Debian/Ubuntu based systems:

Download the TrainDatabase executable.  You will have to have QT4 installed in order to run the executable.  Currently this is only available for x86_64 systems.  The following should pull in the proper dependencies:

apt-get install qt4-gui

Windows based systems:

Download the required .zip file.  Double-click on TrainDatabase.exe to run.  Note that this is a much larger file(17MB) than the Linux version, due to the required libraries being packaged into the .zip file.

To build on your system:

Check out the source code from SVN:

svn co TrainDatabase

Go to the TrainDatabase directory, and either run ‘qmake && make’ from the command line, or open up in QTCreator.  Assuming you have QT set-up properly, the project should build without any problems at all.  This project is compatible with both QT4 and QT5.  Questions?  Please send a message to the general mailing list.  Registration is not required, but your message will be held for approval.

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