Java Serial 0.10

Java Serial 0.10 has been released!  The changes since 0.9 are:

As always, binaries are on Maven Central and hosted locally.

4 responses to “Java Serial 0.10

  1. Hi! Is this library works fine with Raspbian OS? Thanks in advance!

    • No idea. It may work as-is, otherwise you will just have to compile the C code in NativeCode/ and use the Java environment vars to set which directory to load the native code from(check the README file for more information)

  2. Hi rm5248 developer,
    I’m looking forward for any library for serial port communication for 24/7 production use on Windows for handling Fire Protection system. In other words the library must be really reliable. I tried to compare today’s solutions for using serial ports with java but I’m not sure what to choose. It is always the same.

    And after that I found your project and read the conclusion about today’s solutions. That really sounds to me like you know what you are doing and your style is attractive to me. I really appreciate people like you, wanting to have something own which is the exactly you need, is simple and working.

    I would just like to know whether you feel that your lib is production ready with high reliability? For me it sounds your project is the best I can choose.

    And another question, it is the only thing I need to handle just the thread safenest? (using Input and Output stream by only from a one thread)

    Thanks in advance for your faithful answer.

    PS: If I choose your lib I will help you to get resolved any issue I found. At least at java level, but as I see that is not the main issue here, right?

    • I routinely use my library on Linux, but to a lesser extent on Windows, but I do make sure that it runs on both systems. I haven’t experienced any problems with it.

      You should be able to handle reading and writing from separate threads, but on a single thread is the best. If you do have problems, they should be very simple and easy to fix.

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