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JavaSerial 0.11

JavaSerial 0.11 has been released!

Changes in this version:

  • Added a new builder class to make creating the serial port easy. This also means that the large number of constructors are no longer needed. These constructors will remain for the foreseeable future.
  • Fixed issue where IOException could lead to too many open files[#18]
  • Made closing on Windows a bit better. If anybody has a reliable way to reproduce and/or has a better idea, that would be nice to know[#12]

As always, releases are available directly via or via Maven central.

Java Serial 0.9

Java Serial 0.9 has been released!  The changes since 0.8 are:

As always, binaries are on Maven Central and hosted locally.

Java Serial 0.8

Java Serial 0.8 has been released!  This is a minor bugfix release, no major code changes have been done.

Bugs fixed:

Cleanup done:

  • Jenkins is now building all binaries.  All pull requests can be built automatically
  • Switched to CMake to build the native code.

As always, binaries are on Maven Central and hosted locally.

Java Serial 0.7

Java Serial 0.7 has just been released. This is mostly a bugfix release.

The following bugs have been fixed:

Libraries have been uploaded to Maven Central, as well as their standard location here.

Java Serial 0.6

Java Serial verison 0.6 has now been released.  Updates in this version:

  • Updated POM for use with Maven properly.
  • Added some java.util.logging statements for debugging purposes.
  • Release has been uploaded to Maven Central.

To use the library, the easiest way is to create a Maven project and add it to your pom.xml:


Note that the version that is in Maven Central is 0.6.1, while this post talks about 0.6.  The only change between 0.6 and 0.6.1 is a fix in the pom.xml in order to upload  the dependencies to Maven Central.

As always, you can also download the dependencies manually from the Java Serial homepage.

Java Serial 0.3 Updated

I have backported a critical change to the JNI of JavaSerial, so that it will no longer segfault when opening a serial port.  The new binaries are up for download in the 0.3 release folder.  This does not increment the version number at all.

JavaSerial 0.3

JavaSerial 0.3 has just been released.  Changes in this version:

  • Windows will no longer segfault when closing a port
  • You may now ask the system what serial ports are available on the system with SerialPort.getSerialPorts()
  • Windows can now open COM ports greater than COM10.

You may download the release here.

JavaSerial 0.2

JavaSerial 0.2 has just been released.  Changes in this version include:

  • Linux will now correctly read single bytes.
  • Inlined native code functions.  Getting native information now uses inlined functions instead of macros.
  • java.util.Scanner will now work with the InputStream given by the library.
  • Added library version getters.
  • Native code will now return when the serial lines change state on both Windows and Linux.
  • SerialPort will now throw exceptions if NULL arguments are passed.

You may download the release here.

Java Serial 0.1

I’ve made the first release of JavaSerial.  This version should provide all basic functionality that is needed for you to connect to and use serial ports in Java.  View the project home here.