JavaSerial 0.4

JavaSerial 0.4 has been released.  This is just a minor bugfix release.


  • Will no longer crash the JVM when closing a serial port on Linux
  • Fixed checking for the serial line state too often on Linux
  • Will now compile cleanly on FreeBSD and MacOS X

If there is anybody who would be willing to compile/create an xcode project for use on MacOS, that would be very helpful.  I created a quick project to ensure that it at least compiles, but no more than that.

Discussion List

I have set up a discussion list for those people who are interested in ongoing development/submitting code to the various utilites hosted here.  You may find the list here.

Java Serial 0.3 Updated

I have backported a critical change to the JNI of JavaSerial, so that it will no longer segfault when opening a serial port.  The new binaries are up for download in the 0.3 release folder.  This does not increment the version number at all.

JavaSerial 0.3

JavaSerial 0.3 has just been released.  Changes in this version:

  • Windows will no longer segfault when closing a port
  • You may now ask the system what serial ports are available on the system with SerialPort.getSerialPorts()
  • Windows can now open COM ports greater than COM10.

You may download the release here.

JavaSerial 0.2

JavaSerial 0.2 has just been released.  Changes in this version include:

  • Linux will now correctly read single bytes.
  • Inlined native code functions.  Getting native information now uses inlined functions instead of macros.
  • java.util.Scanner will now work with the InputStream given by the library.
  • Added library version getters.
  • Native code will now return when the serial lines change state on both Windows and Linux.
  • SerialPort will now throw exceptions if NULL arguments are passed.

You may download the release here.

Java Serial 0.1

I’ve made the first release of JavaSerial.  This version should provide all basic functionality that is needed for you to connect to and use serial ports in Java.  View the project home here.

Welcome to RM’s Programming Utilities!

Welcome to the home of RM5248’s Programming Utilities!  I started this project in order to do a few things programming-wise.  These are either utilities that I have made over the years, or are currently working on.

Feel free to view projects at the top.